Serena project

The project Serena aims at developing and evaluating a serious game providing individualized feedback to female adolescents (13-15 years) regarding their vocational competencies in the innovative field of renewable energy technologies. The serious game will use a point and click adventure to provide the girls with opportunities to explore the exciting working areas of technological vocations, and in doing so, to master typical challenges technicians are faced with when working in the renewable energy sector. The serious game is expected to contribute to (a) the acquisition of knowledge and competencies regarding technological vocations, in particular their typical tasks and challenges, (b) the development of interest in this vocational field, and (c) the increase of confidence in their abilities.

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Interview about the Serena project

Career orientation in pink? How to attract girls for technical professions without discriminating them?

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Dr. Pia Spangenberger

PS_web_2016_FotoFabianStürtzProject leader, Technische Universität Berlin

“That girls are hardly interested in technical professions is not a new finding. The reasons have been explored by several scientific studies. What we need are innovative ideas to motivate girls and to increase their confidence in their technical abilities. The Serious Game Serena wants to meet this challenge.“

Iken Draeger

Project coordinator, Science Shop Bonn

“Why Serena? Because I am convinced that girls have as many technical skills as boys. And if our game encourages them to choose a technical profession, so much the better.”

Kristin Simon

Social media manager, Science Shop Bonn

“A Serious Game provides new, exciting way of professional orientation for girls. Breaking up gender stereotypes along this path is very important, so I’m happy to participate in the team!”

Annika Schneider

Public Relations, Science Shop Bonn

“Installing a phtotovoltaic system? Working on a wind turbine? Many girls don’t even consider such jobs as an valuable option. That’s why it is important that Serena presents new and interesting job profiles.”

Marcus Bösch

boeschGamedesign, The Good Evil

“Gaming always is about Learning. I am really happy to transform the content into a hopefully interesting, interactive experience together with Linda Kruse. And i am looking forward to work in a team that has so different yet fascinating backgrounds.”

Linda Kruse

kruseGamedesign, The Good Evil

“Girls play (games) not the same way as boys, therefore Serena is a welcomed challenge to find suitable game mechanics that will be fun for the girls to interact with. And to help them explore the game and the real science behind it. I’m as well personally very interested in the field of renewable energies and thus the scientific exchange.”


Prof. Dr. Susanne Narciss

narcissFeedback and Evaluation, Technische Universität Dresden



Dr. Felix Kapp

kappFeedback and Evaluation, Technische Universität Dresden

„Within Serena it is very interesting to see how knowledge acquisition works in a Serious Game and how a Serious Game can influence the attitude towards certain professions. Especially the interdisciplinary collaboration within the project team of Serena is very exciting“


Prof. Dr. Martin Hartmann

hartmannVocational Didactics, Technische Universität Dresden



Nadine Matthes

Vocational Didactics, Technische Universität Dresden